About Us

What I wish I knew 10 years ago.

We're an online school and community for entrepreneurs. Our courses distill hard-won business knowledge to the minimum essential information you need.

Marshall Haas, Founder of Minimums

About The Founder

The number of people that that my businesses have served.
Products Created
New physical products created that were financially successful.
Years of Experience
Creating and launching profitable bootstrapped businesses .

Hey I'm Marshall Haas

Ten years ago I started tinkering with ideas for businesses. It was all a giant learning curve. Through trial, error, and some painful years, I figured things out the hard way.

I've been fortunate to build several of them into profitable 7-figure businesses that have changed my life. You can view all of my current businesses at needwant.com or find me on Twitter @marshal.

We distill hard-won business knowledge down to the essential.

"You don't know what you don't know..."

When you first get started in something new, it's intimidating to dive in. Where do you start? What's the next step after that?

It's only after looking back years later when you realize what was critical to know and what information and work could have been skipped or ignored.

Our goal with Minimums is to distill the hard-won business knowledge to give you only the essential information you need. Think of us as a short-cut to learn what you need to know about a given business topic so you can get building quickly.

Why did we name this Minimums?

Remember how I said we "distill essential business knowledge down to the minimum"? Make it plural and there you have it... Minimums!

The truth is we already owned the minimums.com domain and thought it sounded cool as a name 😃
We're launching with one flagship course with more coming soon.